By Johanna Hyves, French intern from St. Jean-d'-Angély

The twinning between the city of New Iberia in Louisiana and the city of St Jean d’Angély in France began the 20th of July 1994 by an agreement signed by the New Iberia’s mayor, Cliff Aucoin, and Mr. Combes, mayor of St Jean d’Angély in 1995. This was followed by some exchanges between our two countries.

French intern Johanna with North Lewis French Immersion Elementary students

I had the opportunity to go to the “French Table” to meet some Francophone people, speaking Cajun or modern French. These people often meet at 7 am in Victor’s Cafeteria in New Iberia to have breakfast together, trying to talk in French only. Most of these people learned French thanks to their parents or grandparents who sometimes only spoke French. But they explained to me that at one time it was forbidden to speak French. That’s why few people can speak it today.

Johanna Hyves and Nelwyn Hebert

By Johanna Hyves

French Intern from St.-Jean-d'Angély (pictured with my host, Nelwyn Hebert)

johanna hyves and sloane labiche at lake fausse pointe state park

By Johanna Hyves, French Intern from St.-Jean-d'Angély

(pictured with Sloane LaBiche at Lake Fausse Pointe State Park)

Bayou Teche Museum Gala

By Johanna Hyves, French Intern from St.-Jean-d'Angély

(Pictured with Sen. Fred Mills, Nelwyn Hebert, Cathy Indest and Fran Thibodeaux)

Jungle Gardens of Avery Island

By Johanna Hyves

French Intern from St.-Jean-d'Angély

Iberia Parish Convention & Visitors Bureau's Team

Johanna Hyves (second from left) with Team CVB: Céline Alis, Doobie Judice, Brittany Racca and Fran Thibodeaux.



My name is Johanna Hyves. I am an eighteen-years-old girl who comes from France. I arrived in Louisiana two days ago, staying for a month in your wonderful Iberia Parish.

I come from St-Jean-d’Angély, which is a city located in the southwest of France, and which is also the twin city of New Iberia where I will stay this month.


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