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Happy anniversary Jeanerette Museum!

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Anna Joyce Breaux Jeanerette Museum Founding Member with Gail Garcia Museum Chairman

By Gail Garcia, museum chairman (pictured right with Anna Joyce Breaux, museum founding member )

Jeanerette Museum turned 40 in 2016!

During the bicentennial year of 1976, the residents of the Jeanerette community decided to find a unique and lasting way to celebrate the heritage of the United States. Members of the community including city, parish, civic and social organizations joined together to discuss the best way to celebrate.
Jeanerette Museum circa 1978

Jeanerette Museum circa 1978

It wasn’t long before these members agreed that Jeanerette needed a museum to best preserve its history and culture and so the Jeanerette Bicentennial Park and Museum was born and dedicated on July 4, 1976.

Jeanerette Museum circa 2016
The museum today

In the short time that followed, the museum with donations and support from the public began giving tours to explain the history of the community and the industries that have sustained the economy of the area.

Growth has remained steady through the years and now the Jeanerette Museum offers not only tours, but history talks, traveling exhibits and a variety of programs.

Clementine Hunter Exhibit at Jeanerette Museum
Clementine Hunter Exhibit

T'was a party!
The Jeanerette Museum celebrated 40 years of existence as members of the Jeanerette Museum Board and Friends of the Jeanerette Museum gathered with the public to look back on its beginnings and look forward to its future. The celebration featured musical entertainment by the Five O’Clock Shadows band.

5 o clock shadows band

Five O’Clock Shadows band

For information email the museum here, visit their website or call 337-276-4408 Tuesday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.