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National Travel and Tourism Week 2021

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National Travel and Tourism Week 2021 graphic with a picture of Main Street New Iberia

This National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW), there is more reason than ever to celebrate the collective strength of the U.S. travel and tourism industry and our dynamic workforce.

The 38th annual NTTW, taking place May 2-8, recognizes the Power of Travel and the critical role our industry will play in bringing back our vibrant communities, restoring the economy, rebuilding our workforce and reconnecting America.

Prior to the pandemic, the travel industry was a powerful economic engine, supporting jobs and driving local economies in every pocket of America. The industry had experienced 107 straight months of growth, generated $2.6 trillion in economic output, supported 17 million American jobs and delivered a $51 billion trade surplus to the U.S.

Group picture of the staff at Preservation Bar and Grill in New Iberia
Preservation Bar & Grill Crew: Back row - Trace Peltier, Alyssa Rochon, Stacey Simar,
Heather Gardner,
John Delahousaye, Breigh Migues, Rebecca Holleman, Thomas Gardner; 
Front Row - Meagan Martin and Alexis Indest


Unfortunately, that strong growth trend plummeted last year due to the pandemic. Travel spending in the U.S. declined 42%, costing the economy $1.1 trillion, while hardworking Americans supported by travel made up a staggering 65% of all U.S. unemployment.

Here in Iberia Parish, visitors spent $45.51 million before the pandemic and contributed $4.07 million and $1.58 million, respectively, to state and local coffers.

Group picture of the staff at Conrad Rice Mill and Konriko Company in New Iberia
Conrad Rice Mill/Konriko Company Store Staff: Andrea Theriot, Jean Pritchard,
Kesla Young and Lanie Condra


However, Iberia Parish—and the travel industry—is resilient.

While we faced extraordinary challenges in the past year, our industry united like never before, lifted each other up, aided one another, and devoted ourselves fully to the task of supporting and restoring all sectors of travel. This year’s NTTW is an opportunity to turn the page to a new chapter in our industry’s story and celebrate its collective power by spotlighting the innumerable ways travel will drive recovery, bring Americans together again and help define our country’s path forward.

During Travel and Tourism Week, Iberia Travel is saluting the power of travel by highlighting Iberia's Faces of Tourism, our area's travel and hospitality employees and volunteers on our social media platforms.

"We hear it all the time from our visitors, our hospitality can't be beat," said Fran Thibodeaux, our executive director. "Our people go the extra mile to make our visitors' day special and make them feel welcome. They are our greatest strength."

Group picture of the staff at Jungle Gardens of Avery Island
Jungle Gardens Staff: Christian Buteaux, Wonnie Livingston and Emily Segura

From our attractions to restaurants, lodging and shops, Iberia Parish's travel and tourism industry contributes so much to our local economy and our community’s unique character.

From all of us at Iberia Travel, we are so excited to share the full power of our industry—and the strength and spirit of Iberia Parish—this NTTW.

To meet more Iberia Faces of Tourism, visit our Facebook and Instagram

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