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Young Iberian ambassadors make summer matter

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Our Iberian ambassadors of the month are Sa'Raceia Roman, Terrelle Bethel, Carroll Olivier Jr., Bryanna Vital, Kandrick King Jr., Jay'Quan Malveaux and NaToj Johnson.

The Johnston Hopkins Elementary and Anderson Middle students painted a beautiful mural on St. Francis Diner in New Iberia. The project was coordinated by the West End Council of Neighborhood Associations, Inc. We would like to thank Robby Bethel (Community Liaison) and Brandon Thomas (Youth Artist Coordinator) for inspiring these youths.

The students were featured on KATC TV3 and in the Daily Iberian during the work and after the project was completed.

"Iberia Parish is a wonderful place and what these young artists have been able to do is speak through their art," said Robby Bethel. "These children young artists are telling the world: Love, Peace, Hope and for the people in the communities to love each other."

To learn more about the West End Council of Neighborhood Associations, Inc and their projects, visit their website.