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Iberia through the Lens

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Guest photo blog by Maude Buszek

After reading James Lee Burke’s Dave Robicheaux series, I knew I had to visit New Iberia to see if it was as beautiful as he portrayed in his books. He didn’t exaggerate! New Iberia is beautiful! There is a real sense of permanence about the place with its century-plus old mansions.

The live oaks were especially impressive to me, with their long limbs on the ground and still rising up to the sky. Of course, you can’t get any bad food there…makes you want to eat five meals a day! I visited there with my girlfriend, a lifelong Michigander.

She kept saying, “People are so nice, so friendly, so helpful and so happy!”

Being a Georgia girl, I told her that New Iberia shows true southern hospitality! On our walking tour, everyone we met on the street greeted us. Some asked where we were from and what brought us there and all of them wished us an enjoyable visit.

I would tell anyone wanting to go that it is a wonderful place to visit…it makes your heart happy.

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